Summer Institute

The Balfour-Hesburgh Scholars Program’s Summer Institute at Notre Dame is designed to jump-start our scholars’ transition to college life and their acculturation to the demanding academic environment of a top-20 university.

What does it look like?

Students attend five classes during the week and various team building activities on the weekend, all aimed at both academic, social, and emotional growth. The cohort is divided into ALBA (Arts & Letters, Business, Architecture) and STEM groups depending on their intended areas of study.

Each group, ALBA and STEM, take different classes but have lunch/dinner breaks at the same time as well as study hall hours.

Students live in adjacent dorms and share a room with a fellow program scholar. The new scholars (Littles) are assigned into groups with upperclassmen (Bigs) to help get new students acquainted with the Balfour community and college social life.

Can I see a sample schedule?

Here’s an ALBA schedule from 2021 and a STEM one.

How much does it cost?

The Balfour program pays for travel, meals, and housing; students should not expect to have to spend any money to attend. Additionally, travel and dining hall meals are coordinated by Balfour.

When does this amazing program take place?

Students live in dorms on campus for four weeks. The program starts mid-June and ends mid-July.

How can I apply?

Balfour contacts students via e-mail, additional instructions will be provided then.

Who can I ask for more information?

Contact options include emailing Charlie Ortega ( or You can also follow us on Instagram @balfour_hesburgh_scholars and we will try to respond to your DMs as quickly as possible.