Current Research

Research Assistant Position

Right now my current job focuses on researching and tracking the over 3,000 participants of the NSYR (National Study on Youth and Religion). As a research assistant to this project I have utilized a variety of research and administrative skills including but not limited to:

  • Use of the Lexis Nexis search engine
  • Training and use of online content management systems
  • Newsletter creation and dissemination
  • Excel and G-docs for tracking and organizing inventory
  • WordPress/weblogging experience

Most Recent Paper Topic

Because my interest lies along lines of gender and social stratification the gay rights movement has become a central area of study. Stonewall, as an example, stands as a monument to the power of individuals – changing and warping not only the conception of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people but that of the wider society. It also serves a unique mythological function, one which serves to deform power between the larger heterosexual community and the queer community. I explore the mythological function of Stonewall in terms of two facets of power. The first is gender and its representation within the queer community. The next is how this singular event has come to represent an entire representational strategy for the queer community around the world.