Machiavelli’s Popular Prince

Lecture California State University, Chico, Machiavelli’s Popular Prince

Dr. Zuckert asserts Machiavelli has a strangely two-sided reputation. He is most notably known for Machiavellian politics based on his widely read book, “The Prince.” Political philosophers reviewing his discourse on Livy label Machiavelli as a Republican thinker. So which is he? Dr. Zuckert presents a fuller, more comprehensive and coherent understanding of Machiavelli’s thought by arguing that in “The Prince” he was not trying to teach others to be tyrants but rather he was seeking to convince rulers that were tempted to become tyrants that the best way they could maintain or expand their position was to serve the basic desires of their people for security of life, family, and property. Join Dr. Zuckert as she takes viewers on a fascinating journey.  Recorded April 18, 2017

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