Books to Know:


Ten Books on Architecture

The Four Books of Architecture

On the Art of Building in Ten Books

Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture



L. Krier
Architecture: Choice or Fate
The Architecture of Community

D. Porphyrios
Classical Architecture
Classicism Is Not A Style

Tzonis and Lefaivre
Classical Architecture: The Poetics of Order


Changing Ideals in Modern Architecture, 1750-1950
P. Collins

 A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method
Sir Banister Fletcher

Architecture and Design in Europe and America: 1750-2000 by Dr. Abigail Harrison Moore and Rowe

Buildings Across Time
Fazio, Moffett, and Wodehouse

A History of Western Architecture

Surveys & Monographs

Edifices de Rome Moderne
P.M. Letarouilly

Monograph of the Work of McKim, Mead & White
McKim, Mead & White


Camillo Sitte: The Birth of Modern City Planning
G. Collins

Great Streets
A.B. Jacobs

The Death and Life of Great American Cities
J. Jacobs

Timeless Cities
D. Mayernik

Streets for People
Bernard Rudofsky


Architectural Graphic Standards (early editions, or see “Traditional Details for Building Restoration, Renovation & Rehabilitation”)
Ramsey & Sleeper


The Architecture of the Classical Interior
S. Semes

Classical Architecture for the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction to Design
J.F. Gabriel


Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

The Dynamics of Architectural Form
R. Arnheim

The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America’s Man-Made Landscape 
J.H. Kunstler

From Bauhaus to Our House
T. Wolfe

Greek and Roman Architecture in Classic Drawings
H. D’Espouy

Architectural Graphics
Francis D.K. Ching

Building Construction Illustrated
Francis D.K. Ching

A Visual Dictionary of Architecture
Francis D.K. Ching

The American Vitruvius: An Architects’ Handbook of Civic Art
Hegemann & Myers

Elements of Classical Architecture

The Dancing Column
J. Rykwert

The First Moderns
J. Rykwert

The Mathematics of the Ideal Villa
C. Rowe

Court and Garden: From the French Hôtel to the City of Modern Architecture
M. Dennis

Vitruvius on Architecture
Thomas Gordon Smith

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