Published and accepted papers

The etale-open topology and the stable field conjecture (with Will Johnson, Erik Walsberg, and Jinhe Ye), arXiv:2009.02319, accepted by Journal of the European Mathematical Society.

Stable formulas in ordered structures (with Daniel Hoffmann and Jinhe Ye),
arXiv:2004.10953, accepted pending minor revisions by Israel Journal of Mathematics.

A family of dp-minimal expansions of (Z; +) (with Erik Walsberg), arXiv:1711.04390, accepted pending minor revisions by Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic.

Zarankiewicz’s problem for semilinear hypergraphs (with Abdul Basit, Artem Chernikov, Sergei Starchenko, and Terence Tao), Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, volume 9, 2021.

Interpolative fusions (with Alex Kruckman and Erik Walsberg),
Journal of Mathematical Logic. 2020 Nov 28:2150010.

The additive groups of Z and Q with predicates for being square-free (with Neer Bhardwaj), The Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol. 85 (2020).


On the small measure expansion phenomenon in connected noncompact nonabelian groups (with Jinpeng An, Yifan Jing, and Ruixiang Zhang), arxiv:2111.05236, 2021.

A Cauchy-Davenport theorem for locally compact groups (with Yifan Jing), arXiv:2106.02924, 2021.

A nonabelian Brunn–Minkowski inequality (with Yifan Jing and Ruixiang Zhang), arXiv:2101.07782, 2021.

Minimal and nearly minimal measure expansions in connected unimodular groups (with Yifan Jing), arXiv:2006.01824, 2021.

Semialgebraic method and generalized sum-product phenomena (with Yifan Jing and Souktik Roy), arXiv:1910.04904, 2019.

Tame structures via multiplicative character sums on varieties over finite fields, arXiv:1704.03853, 2017.