Welcome to the Code Fair!

    We are a website dedicated to science projects in computing. If you’re interested in computers, coding, or just just something different from the conventional science project, you’re in luck. On this site, we provide detailed outlines of science projects that allow you to experiment with computing in a science-fair-friendly way.
    The projects on this site come in three difficulties to accommodate a wide range of skill levels and experience. Some projects don’t require you to write code at all. For your convenience, those that do involve programming all use the same learner-friendly language: Python. We even have a tutorial on how to set up and use the Python environment on your own computer.     If you’ve never used Python before, there are plenty of free tutorials out there on the web to help you learn the basics.
Remember, you don’t have to do the projects exactly how we set them up. Feel free to use our ideas and pre-written files to experiment on your own. Now there’s only one thing left to do: find a project you like and begin!