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The Contending Modernities Blog is a forum for exploring the relationship between religion, modernity, and secularity. Its initial focus is on the world’s two largest religious communities—Catholicism and Islam—as well as secular people and institutions. The Contending Modernities Blog provides timely and diverse perspectives on how these powerful communities and institutions generate distinctive forms of thought and life, shaping and reshaping themselves, each other, and the modern world in the process. The conversation we sponsor is open and honest but also respectful and informed, one that provides a meeting place for radically diverse points of view as well as a bridge between scholarly research and the wider interested public.

Contending Modernities is a long-term, multi-disciplinary research and education initiative devoted to generating new knowledge and greater understanding of the ways in which religious and secular forces interact in modern contexts. The Blog highlights, previews, and supplements the research undertaken by Contending Modernities participants and scholars. Contending Modernities is co-directed by R. Scott ApplebyEbrahim Moosa, and Atalia Omer.

Contributions welcome

As an open forum, the Contending Modernities Blog welcomes contributions from scholars, religious leaders, policy makers, and other interested and engaged citizens from around the world on the themes and issues just noted. We particularly welcome posts that are short—usually between 250 and 1,000 words—and timely—responsive to a recent or unfolding issue, event, or argument in the public domain. The Blog reserves the right to revise, reject, or request the resubmission of any and all posts in accordance with editorial standards of length, clarity, civility, and consistency with its defining themes and issues. In addition, you are welcome to repost or redistribute content on this blog, for non-commercial purposes, with attribution to the author and to the Contending Modernities Blog.

Please direct submissions, questions, and comments to the Editors of the Contending Modernities Blog, Garrett FitzGerald (gfitzge1@nd.edu) and Kyle Lambelet (klambele@nd.edu)