Panel Will Explore Local Education Innovations

Five local public school principals will be part of a March 19 panel discussion on campus, sponsored by the Education, Schooling, and Society (ESS) minor and by the student group EduClub. The event is titled “Innovation in Education: South Bend Area Perspectives.” An advance welcome to Nathan Boyd of LaSalle Intermediate Academy, Angie Buysse of Warren Primary Center, Melinda Ehmer of Tarkington Traditional School, Mansour Eid of Clay High School, and Jill VanDriessche of Monroe Primary Center.

Also welcome are other members of the community of educators throughout the South Bend area. The event, scheduled for McKenna Hall from 5 to 6:30 pm, is free of charge, and all are invited to join with Notre Dame faculty, staff, and students in a lively discussion of innovations and trends in K-12 education.


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