Upcoming Events:

  • All events for this year have concluded.

Past Events:

  • August 5th – EGSA Virtual Mentorship Orientation, 10:00 am
  • August 14th – EGSA Welcome Back Happy Hour, 5:00 pm (zoom)
  • August 21st – Graduate/DGS Fall Forum, 12:00 pm (zoom)
  • August 25th – First Year PhD Panel, 5:00 pm (zoom)
  • September 11th – MFA Professionalization Panel: Writer’s Introductions, 12:00 pm (zoom)
  • September 20th – “Let’s Take a Walk” series, 2:00-4:00 pm (Northwest edge of campus, meet along walking trails)
  • September 21st – PhD Professionalization: Dissertation Writing – Healthy Working Habits, 11:00 am (zoom)
  • September 24th – EGSA Mentor/Mentee Hangout, 5:00 pm (zoom)
  • September 25th – Re:Visions Editorial Board Info Session, 2:00 pm (zoom)
  • October 14th – PhD Professionalization: 20xxx Syllabus Workshop, 12:00 pm (zoom)
  • October 16th – MFA Summer Plans workshop, 12 pm (zoom)
  • October 18th – “Let’s Take a Walk” series, 2:00-4:00 pm (Potato Creek State Park)
  • October 23rd – MFA Career Workshop, 12 pm (zoom)
  • January 18th – 22nd – “Just Write” Winter Writing Retreat
    • Monday and Wednesday: Writing accountability groups will meet via Zoom from 9-11am and 1-3pm. 
      • These sessions will begin with 15 minutes of structured writing and/or goal setting led by EGSA board members, before we begin to work independently on our projects.
    • Tuesday and Thursday: We encourage you to attend the Writing Center’s “Write First!” series from 9-11am.
    • Friday: Manuscript exchange and small group workshop from 9-11am.
    • Finally, to cap off our retreat after a week of hard work, join us on Friday at 1pm for a session of restorative yoga for writers, led by Kristen Carlson!
  • February 5th – 2021 Research Symposium Abstract Writing Workshop, 11:00 am (zoom)
  • March 5th – Q&A Panel, “More of a Question than a Comment” with Susan Harris
  • March 11th-12th – English Graduate Symposium, All Day (zoom)
  • April 12th – Pedagogy in Practice: Workshopping Inclusive Teaching Materials
  • April 30th – Writing the “micro-review” MFA workshop