Startups: Reaping a Reward from Risk

As we delved into discussion about what makes someone an entrepreneur, I immediately thought about the differences between contemporary entrepreneurs and those from the past 30 years. Although the greats, Apple & Microsoft as an example, also started out as startups, millennials seem even more inclined to leave their steady job and begin a startup company.

This article highlighted the questions that entrepreneurs should ask before beginning a startup company. As touched upon in class, the amount of work/effort that is necessary in operating a business is much higher than being an employee. This article notes the need of being completely committed to the business, which still will not guarantee success.

One thought on “Startups: Reaping a Reward from Risk

  1. I think it is an interesting article that discusses a lot of the uncertainties entrepreneurs face when making the decision to go out on their own. In the current socioeconomic climate, we are always finding ways to differentiate millennials from previous generations, but I think the challenges outlined here reflect the commonality across generations.