About Me

I am a GEM Associate Fellow, Deans’ Fellow, and a first-year PhD Student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame.

I graduated with an A.B. Cum Laude in Mathematics from Cornell University in 2020.

Outside of mathematics I enjoy watching the Premier League ⚽️ , NBA 🏀 , NCAA Ice Hockey 🏒, films 🎥, and building a vinyl collection.


 Math SWAGGER: Building a Virtual Community, student authors: Alberto Alonso, Jasmine Camero, Alejandra Castillo, Fabrice O. Ulysse, Victoria Uribe, Andrés R. Vindas Meléndez, and organizer authors: Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Pamela E. Harris, Vanessa Rivera Quiñones, Luis Sordo Vieira, Shelby Wilson, Aris Winger, Michael Young. Submitted to AMS Notices Early Career Series. 

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