Welcoming the New First Year of Studies Librarian: Melissa Harden

I am so pleased to introduce the Hesburgh Libraries new First Year of Studies Librarian, Ms. Melissa Harden. The last two weeks I have been informally introducing her. She has her office set up in 229 Coleman-Morse (First Year of Studies) and she can be found in 115A Hesburgh Library. First Year undergraduate students are encouraged to contact her by calling: (574) 631-6258 or coming by the Hesburgh Library. I am currently transitioning my Starting Your Research Guide, and my First Year of Studies pages to reflect this change. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding t this time.

After 12 years of providing reference, research, an instructional services to First Year Undergraduate Students, I am stepping aside from my role as the First Year of Studies Librarian at the University of Notre Dame. I am so proud and humbled to have created a program that focused on working with a dynamic group of students over the years.

It has been an absolutely incredible experience to meet students families during welcome weekend, collaborate on teaching and learning initiatives with faculty from the First Year of Studies, the College of Arts & Letters, collaborating with teaching and learning opportunities with ND TRIO programs, presenting at conferences with peers who are developing their careers in this area, and creating opportunities for the Hesburgh Libraries to be engaged with students early in their academic careers in utilizing academic library resources.

I am continuing my career within the Hesburgh Libraries in teaching, learning, and research initiatives with the Women of Walsh Hall, Africana Studies, and Poverty Studies. I have recently been appointed the Academic Libraries of Indiana-Information Literacy Committee Chair; I continue my work on the Framework for Information Literacy with the Association of Colleges & Research Libraries. I look forward to putting efforts towards publishing and ongoing presentations of what I have learned in working with a dynamic group of First Year Undergraduate Students.  I am profoundly grateful for the overwhelming and tremendous support of the First Year of Studies @ Notre Dame. From day one, Rev. Dr. Hugh Page, Vice President, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Dean-First Year of Studies for his support in my work to create a First Year Librarian program that will continue. Dr. Page and his incredible faculty allowed me to be an “embedded member” of their college to which I had tremendous opportunities for collaboration and over the years, a tremendous friendship in service.

This Blog will continue under a new name, but somewhat with a similar purpose.

Stay Tuned….. Best always, Leslie


About Leslie L Morgan

I am the First Year of Studies Librarian at the University of Notre Dame. I work collaboratively with Faculty who teach various courses with our newest undergraduates. I encourage students to schedule a one to one research consultation to review their research topic and explore many information tools important throughout their academic career.
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