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Thoughts and musings of researchers and affiliates of the Notre Dame “Gaming Analytics and Business Research Lab.”

At the GAMA Lab we look into topics such as game development and AI, in-game economics, gaming market economics, and research into e-sports.

  • The Creativity-Determinism Paradox in Procedural Generation
    This post is the second in our series on procedural generation in game design. The first post covered how game developers need to make judgement calls, using lessons from Failbetter Games Sunless Seas Sunless Skies as examples. In this post we look to elaborate on some takeaways using another example.  In 2016, indie studio Hello … Continue reading The Creativity-Determinism Paradox in Procedural Generation
  • Procedural Generation is an Art
    As we pointed out in a previous post, beautiful, creative game design has become easier due to software, hardware, and workflow advancements. Is procedural generation one of the approaches that can help? Or does it get in the way of beautiful, creative work? Procedural generation is an approach to creating video game content autonomously.  No … Continue reading Procedural Generation is an Art
  • Digital Art Renaissance
    by Gregory Yepes This past decade has seen the birth several key technologies and applications which have empowered digital artists to author work at an unprecedented level of realism.  Effects that once required deep knowledge across teams of specialists can now be created by generalists that deal with all aspects of their creations. Innovations like … Continue reading Digital Art Renaissance