International Graduate Students and Dependents

Navigating services and resources the university has to offer international graduate students and dependents can be complicated. To simplify this process, information on where to start and who to contact is available through Notre Dame International – International Student Services and Activities (ISSA).  ISSA invites all international students and dependents to take advantage of the many programs and information sessions provided throughout the year.  Sessions content range from understanding American culture, work authorization, to dependent resources and activities.  The mission of ISSA is to provide service excellence to international students and the Notre Dame community, in order to ensure an educational experience that is both meaningful and successful.  Our goal is that all international students will have a positive and enriching experience at the university.

ISSA serves to reach not only students and dependents, but also the greater campus community.  Additionally, ISSA educates and promotes the richness of the international campus community through campus engagement, programs, and services.   As the primary link between international graduate students and the campus, ISSA encourages the campus to celebrate the exchange of ideas and cultural diversity, which is critical towards the development of innovative ideas and perspectives.

ISSA welcomes inquiries and loves visits.  Please visit our office at 105 Main Building or e-mail to learn more about services and resources.

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