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Opportunities with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

Posted on September 13, 2012 in Career Center

The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, a subunit within the National Museum of American History, is the Smithsonian’s intellectual center for thinking about the history of invention and innovation.  In addition, they pursue many activities designed to inspire inventive creativity in young people and to foster an appreciation for the importance of invention/innovation in our society.

There are 3 funding opportunities available through the Lemelson Center in the form of fellowships, short term travel grants, and archival internships.  Residential fellowships (max 10 weeks) are available to pre-doctoral graduate students and post-doctoral scholars to entice scholars to come to the museum and pursue research using our invention and technology collections as they prepare theses, dissertations, books, articles, documentary films, etc.   The short term travel grants are similar to the fellowships but with a maximum of 2 weeks.  The archival internship is for students in library science programs who specialize in the preservation of archival documents.  See for more details about these 3 funding opportunities.

Graduate students from any discipline interested in studying the history of their discipline are welcome to apply.  However, students with humanities and social science backgrounds, including those in History, History and Philosophy of Science, Economics, Sociology, and Philosophy, may have the most interest in these opportunities and may be more likely to have projects that align nicely with the Lemelson Center’s mission.


Boeing Company Spotlight

Posted on September 11, 2012 in Career Center

Boeing is a leader in aerospace manufacturing commercial jetliners and military aircraft, rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. In addition, Boeing provides service to NASA by operating the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle.  Almost 35, 000 or 21% of their employees have advanced degrees in business and technical fields.  If you have an advanced degree in mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering and computer science, Boeing could be looking for you!

ND Science Grad Alums – Tailgate this Saturday, September 8!

Posted on September 6, 2012 in Career Center, Graduate School

International Graduate Students: Language, Teaching, and Career Paths

Posted on September 5, 2012 in English for Academic Purposes, International Students, Uncategorized

What are the core components of a graduate student’s academic life? Scholarship and research, teaching, ethics, and finding a career path are all important to graduate students. Where and how do communication skills fit in?

International graduate students around the country are getting help from their universities as they work on improving their English language skills. The New York Times reports that international “graduate students at Ohio University spend up to two hours a day learning how to speak so that their American colleagues and students will understand them.”

Here at Notre Dame, The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program offers several initiatives for international students targeting English language skills.

The EAP Workshop Series is intended to provide international students opportunities for improving their English language proficiency in ways that directly support their academic goals. Workshops are open to all international students and do not require registration. Each 75-minute workshop is designed to be hands-on with opportunities for demonstration, Q&A/discussion, and practice.

In addition to the workshops the CSLC offers tutoring and consultation sessions for international students. Please see our website for more information:

Three Ways for Graduate Students to Use the Writing Center

Posted on September 4, 2012 in English for Academic Purposes, Fellowships and Grants, Graduate School, Hesburgh Library, International Students, Kaneb Center, Research, Writing Center

Good writers talk about their writing with other writers.  It’s as simple as that.  But finding another writer to talk to sometimes isn’t so simple.  At the University Writing Center, graduate students find attentive listeners and careful readers, ready to offer thoughtful feedback on any writing project.

Here are three ways that graduate students can make use of the Writing Center to help improve their writing.

One-on-One Writing Consultations.  We offer free, 45-minute consultations on any aspect of the writing process–from generating, organizing, and outlining ideas to drafting, editing, and polishing arguments.  Graduate students make use of this consultation service in a number of ways, for example:

  • One-time consultations on fellowship applications, grant proposals, seminar papers, scientific papers, and scholarly articles.
  • Ongoing consultations on longer projects, such as theses, dissertations, and scholarly books.

Our Read-Ahead Service is available for graduate students pursuing extended writing projects. One-time and ongoing appointments can be scheduled with a consultant using our online appointment scheduler.

Workshops. We offer a number of workshops each semester, including:

  • Dissertation Camp, a week-long, intensive writing immersion experience for graduate students at the dissertation or thesis stage. This workshop is offered during Fall Break and Spring Break in partnership with the Hesburgh Libraries.
  • Grant Writing Bootcamp, a week-long workshop focused on developing strong grant proposals, offered in conjunction with the Graduate School Office of Grants and Fellowships.
  • Commenting on Student Writing, a workshop for TAs and faculty who provide written feedback to students on their writing, offered in partnership with the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning and the English for Academic Purposes program.

Resource Library. In the Writing Center, we have a library of print resources on writing, including:

  • Current editions of all major style manuals (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian)
  • Topic-specific writing guides (e.g. literature reviews, empirical research reports, dissertation project management, etc.)
  • Grammar and usage guides

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit the Writing Center website.

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