International Graduate Students: Language, Teaching, and Career Paths

What are the core components of a graduate student’s academic life? Scholarship and research, teaching, ethics, and finding a career path are all important to graduate students. Where and how do communication skills fit in?

International graduate students around the country are getting help from their universities as they work on improving their English language skills. The New York Times reports that international “graduate students at Ohio University spend up to two hours a day learning how to speak so that their American colleagues and students will understand them.”

Here at Notre Dame, The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program offers several initiatives for international students targeting English language skills.

The EAP Workshop Series is intended to provide international students opportunities for improving their English language proficiency in ways that directly support their academic goals. Workshops are open to all international students and do not require registration. Each 75-minute workshop is designed to be hands-on with opportunities for demonstration, Q&A/discussion, and practice.

In addition to the workshops the CSLC offers tutoring and consultation sessions for international students. Please see our website for more information:

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