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The Job Search for International Students

Posted on December 11, 2012 in Career Center

Finding a job can be difficult in general, but for international students the task is even more challenging because of factors such as finding employers who will sponsor H1-B visas and stigmas about poor language and communication skills.

While there are differences in the job search of US Citizens and non-US Citizens, many strategies are the same.  In addition there are online and on-campus resources that can help graduate students find job postings and employers that sponsor visas.

Job Search Strategies:

1)      NETWORKING.  The majority of job positions are found through networking.  Therefore, it is important to meet people and make connections as this can lead to future employment.

2)      JOIN PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS.  Professional organizations have events and resources that will allow you to develop skills related to your field and to find others to network with.  Many professional organizations also have databases with job postings to assist their members to find jobs.

3)      INTERNSHIP OR JOB SHADOW. This is a great way to get your foot in the door at a company and a great way to find people to network with to find future positions, even if it is not at the company you interned with.

4)      UTILIZE CAREER CENTER SERVICES & ATTEND CAREER CENTER AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EVENTS.  The Career Center provides workshops and individual meetings with students to help assess skills, search for positions, refine application materials, and prepare for interviews.  Check the Professional Development Calendar for a list of upcoming events or schedule an appointment at the Career Center (631-5200).

Websites for International Students:

GoIrish  – search options for US employers willing to hire international students from Notre Dame (log-in at the Career Center’s website)

Foreign Born – provides assistance to individuals living and working in the US

Uniworld – directories of American companies that operate internationally and foreign companies that operate in the US (access this from the Career Center’s Online Resources, available in both the graduate and undergraduate sections of the website)

My Visa Jobs – databases of H1B visa sponsors

H1 Visajobs – databases for US employers (databases and consultation fees range from $29-79)

Additional Resources on Campus:

International Student Services and Activities – provides services and programs to make the educational experience of international students and their families as meaningful as possible

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) – provides workshops, program blogs, tutoring and consultation to help international graduate students develop their English language skills to succeed as a graduate student and beyond.

Writing Center – offers individual appointments with writing tutors to go over written material