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Establishing a Professional Online Presence

Posted on April 11, 2012 in Graduate Student Union

Graduate students everywhere have or are creating online profiles, webpages, and blogs for professional use in networking, job hunting, and applications.  If you are looking for adivice or considerations in developing your own professional online presence join us Thursday, April 26th 2012 from 2 – 4 pm, in the Notre Dame Room of LaFotune Hall.

The GSU TREC Committee will be joined by:

  • Don Schindler of AgencyND to discuss Personal Branding & Blogging
  • Ann Moran of Graduate Career Services to discuss Webpage Content Checklist & Public Posting Cautions
  • Kevin Zeise of ND Marketing to discuss Effective Use of and Cautions for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+
  • Shari Hill of ND Webmaster to discuss eProfiles @ Notre Dame
  • Tim Flanagan of ND General Counsel to discuss Copyrights, Legalities and Other Issues

Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

You can pre-register here.


Advice for Graduate Students

Posted on April 5, 2012 in Career Center, Fellowships and Grants, Graduate School, Graduate Student Union, Hesburgh Library, Kaneb Center, Reilly Center, Research, Writing Center

Has graduate school got you down? Having problems managing work and family? Are you worried about debt? Are you feeling stressed? Are you looking for strategies for success? Would you like some advice about writing a dissertation?

The Chronicle of Higher Education devotes an entire section of its website to Advice for Graduate Students.

Workshop Etiquette

Posted on March 23, 2012 in Career Center, Center for Social Concerns, English for Academic Purposes, Fellowships and Grants, Graduate School, Graduate Student Union, Hesburgh Library, Kaneb Center, Reilly Center, Research, Uncategorized, Writing Center

Your behavior at a workshop or an employer information session can be an indication of your professional behavior after you leave graduate school.  Therefore you want to be sure you are sending a professional, responsible message.  It is extremely important that you remember professional etiquette at these events.  I have listed a few reminders below to think about prior to your attendance at either a workshop or employer sponsored event.

1) If you RSVP for an event, attend.  If you cannot attend, notify the organizer, within 24 hours in advance (if possible).  If you do not know who to contact to withdraw your registration, please contact the Graduate School at 631-1704 or and they will help you withdraw your registration.

2)If food and drink are served, exercise control.  That means take one piece of pizza and one drink.  If there are left overs, you may go back for seconds.  Piling your plate with four pieces of pizza and grabbing a water and a soda are inappropriate.

3)Prepare a few questions ahead of time and ask them when the presenter calls for questions.  Most of the time a presenter will state their preference on answering questions.  Most likely they will call for questions at the end of the presentation while others welcome questions amidst the presentation.  Asking them at these times is most appropriate.  However there are some questions that need to be asked one-on-one versus in front of the entire group (those that are very specific to your situation). This will help alleviate the long line of students after the presentation.

If you have questions about any of these points or would like to know more about workshop and event etiquette please contact the Graduate Career Program at 248 Flanner Hall or 574.631.4058.

Coffee, Cupcakes, and TREC

Posted on October 31, 2011 in Graduate School, Graduate Student Union

The GSU Teaching, Research, Ethics, and Career Committee (TREC) invites all Notre Dame graduate students to take an afternoon study break on Tuesday, November 8 from 2-4pm for FREE coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, cupcakes, and other delicious treats in the LaFortune Ballroom. The purpose of this informal event is to introduce graduate students to TREC, the new professional development committee of GSU. The mission of TREC is to serve the ND graduate student body by providing a bridge between the professional development components of its namesake (Teaching, Research, Ethics, and Career) and consists of student representatives from a diverse range of departments. TREC officers sit on the Graduate School Professional Development Team and bring ideas to the committee for planning events and initiatives to facilitate graduate training at Notre Dame. There will be an opportunity to talk to TREC members about ongoing efforts and to provide suggestions and comments for future events, as well as to discuss the professional needs and goals of graduate students.

Feel free to drop by at any time during the event, but please pre-register at the following so that we ensure enough treats will be available for all attendees:

Professional Development Spire: ProfDev