Day 2: Sturbridge, MA to Salisbury, CT

Last year, when the Notre Dame women’s Irish basketball team played Texas A&M, I saw the Aggie coach doing something I really liked.  Right before the game started, Coach Gary Blair walked over to the media bench, picked up a magic marker, and wrote a plus sign on his hand. Someone asked why, and he answered that the symbol reminds him always to be positive. I thought this was a great idea, so I had some yellow bracelets made for myself with lots of ++++++++++ (plus signs) and the words “Be Positive” engraved on them.

Be Positive!

I was glad to have those “be positive” reminders today. It was raining and I knew that the rolling hills were going to be challenging. I wore my yellow band outside of my coat to remind myself to stay positive every time I glanced at my wrist.

The hills we rode on were gorgeous.  The rain showers were refreshing and kept me cool; the water running over the road reminded me of a glass half full. The mud didn’t taste that bad and the dog chasing me was friendly. There were plenty of reasons to be positive today.

On top of a great ride, I have the support from the University and the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation to do something that most people only dream of – ride a bike across the country for a wonderful cause.  I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in a cause we are all passionate about at Notre Dame.

One of the best parts of this ride is to meet with those who love Notre Dame.   Tonight we visited the Notre Dame Club of the Mid-Hudson Valley in Poughkeepsie, NY.  We went on tour of the bridge over the Hudson River, which was converted from an old railroad bridge into a spectacular crossing for pedestrians and bicyclists. After our tour, we had dinner at Cosimos. The club welcomed us and also gave me a chance to speak to them about Niemann-Pick disease.  The group also presented me with a great polo shirt from the Mid-Hudson Valley Club.  Thank you to the club for your kind hospitality. I would like to especially thank for Les and Linda for organizing a great event.

Touring the Mid-Hudson Valley

So, it was a wonderful day!  I think I’ll have another wonderful day tomorrow too.

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  1.    Christina Smith on May 24th, 2012

    Thanks so much, Greg, for taking a break on your trip to have dinner with the Mid-Hudson Valley Club and tell us about Notre Dame’s fight against Niemann-Pick Type C. Travel safely and God bless you!