Day 7: Meadville, PA, to Elyria, OH

Today we crossed from Pennsylvania into Ohio, the northeast part of the state where I grew up and went to college. We picked up a Notre Dame rider today in Ohio – Tom, a chemistry alumnus, and his 14-year-old son Jamie. They rode with us for 17 miles. Along the way we saw this gigantic Trojan Horse, about 40 feet tall and made of wood, that would have made a USC fan envious.

When we got to my parents’ home in Elyria, the same house where I grew up, my mom and dad, Dolores and Phil, greeted us with my sister Karen and cousin Peggy.  Mom was ready for the old routine – I brought plenty of laundry! We had a barbecue in Bay Village in the evening with Steve, a Science alumnus, and his son Ben, who played baseball while he was at Notre Dame. It was great to see people in this area who are passionate about the University. There were also four people at the barbecue from Kent State, my alma mater.

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  1.    Les McCarthy on May 29th, 2012

    Carry on Greg! Glad to see the Blog is up and running! Be sure to mow the lawn while you are home.