Day 16: Omaha (Bellevue), NE to York, NE

Today was just about perfect – sunny, light wind sort of at our backs, and not a cloud in the sky. We had many rolling hills heading west out of Omaha, but then it turned pretty flat.  In fact, it is not really flat, although it looks flat, but there seems to be a constant 1% rise in altitude – they say that this will be the case all the way to Denver.

The van got a lot of attention today from drivers, truckers, and hotel employees. Lots of people who saw us on the road gave us beeps and waves, and the ABC Lincoln reporter who came out to interview me loved it.

My science advisory council member, Jim, and his wife, Ann, came to York today after visiting us in Omaha, specifically to take us all out to dinner at the well-known steak restaurant called Chances “R.” My steak was amazing!  Nebraska steak cannot be beat!

Jim and Ann

Thank you, Jim and Ann, for everything you do for the College and Notre Dame, and for taking the time to visit us in Nebraska!

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