Day 21: Rest day in Denver

Today was our only day off from the ride so we could rest and prepare for what is in store for tomorrow.  We will go up and over 12,000 feet.

We had a great alumni club event in Denver tonight at Little Man Ice Cream in the Highlands neighborhood.  Everyone was treated to an ice cream and we had some raffles and auctions for autographed Ara footballs and Muffet basketballs, and even a Coach Parseghian Bobblehead.  Special thanks to Bob, Kevin, and Marcia from the club.  It was a wonderful night.  We had lots of little Domers in attendance, and several science students and science graduates showed up.  Thank you, Denver, for your hospitality.

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  1.    Greg on June 11th, 2012

    You certainly earned the rest!!

    We will do non stop hill classes @ Knollwood in your honor
    But only for an hour. Not 100+ miles…..