Day 25: Rangeley, CO to Altamont, UT

This day started out great – warm and no wind – and just kept getting better. The desert scenery was absolutely gorgeous, both in Colorado and in Utah. We saw more Pronghorns, and lots of bunnies ran across the road. This is dinosaur country, too – there’s even a Town of Dinosaur just on the Colorado side of the state line, with big dinosaurs in town.  When we got to Vernal, Utah, still in dinosaur country, we had a nice 10-mile downhill.  We arrived at the Ranch where we’re staying tonight, and it’s really cool – desert, lakes, totem poles, anything you can think of from the Wild West is here. Overall, this was a wonderful, nearly perfect day!

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  1.    Anneke De Bont on June 16th, 2012

    Greg we congratulate you on fathers day after such a long ride and an other long ride today to help the research founding for all the parents of kids with npc decease. Good luck and our prayers are with you