Day 26: Altamont, UT to Park City, UT

Today was an absolutely spectacular ride through the mountains from Altamont to Park City.  We stayed on a ranch last night, and it was wonderful.  The house was rustic, and Ann cooked us a great meal.  The sunrise this morning was unbelievable.  We reached about 9,500 feet on our climb through the Wasatch National Forest.

As we descended into Park City, we saw beautiful mountains and lakes everywhere we looked. Wendy from the local television station met up with us to do a story, and while she was filming on the street, a Notre Dame graduate who lives and works in Park City walked up to meet us.

One highlight of the day was crossing paths with the veterans riding their bikes across the county in the other direction – we passed each other.  Known as the Sea to Shining Sea ride (, they were an amazing inspiration to me.  Thank you, veterans and military personnel, for all you do for our country and the sacrifices you make for us.

Park City is an ideal town – looks like it is out of an old-fashioned movie, with not a piece of litter on the ground or a blade of grass out of place. It is perfect. We had a little event at the Wasatch Brewery right in Park City, with local alumni from Salt Lake City and Park City and a few students who are in town doing their summer service-learning project.  What a wonderful place and community.

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