Preservation Week-Day One: How to Help Preserve Books

How to Help Preserve Books

  • Don’t store them in areas with excessive amounts of light — especially daylight or fluorescent.
  • Avoid shelving them in locations with extreme temperature and relative humidity or rapid fluctuation in environmental conditions.
  • Avoid placing bookshelves against outside walls or near sources of heat (e.g., fireplaces or radiators).
  • Where books are in regular use, a steady temperature of around 70° F and 50% relative humidity is recommended.

Did you know?

The rate of deterioration accelerates as temperature and relative humidity levels increase.

Want to know more? Stop by our table in the library concourse to pick up a Preservation bookmark, and Caring for Your Treasures brochure. Or chat with staff during two live sessions:

  • Tuesday,2pm-4pm: Conservation Treatment
  • Friday, noon-2pm: Preventive Approaches to Collections Care

We look forward to seeing you! The Preservation Team

Jen Hunt Johnson

Special Collections Conservator

Author: Leslie L Morgan

Leslie serves as the Africana Studies and Education Librarian within the Hesburgh Libraries.