Day 2-Preservation Week: Cotton Gloves & Paper Artifacts

It’s day two of Preservation Week. Please enjoy this tip of the day. Don’t forget to stop by our table in the library concourse from 2-4 today to meet Preservation staff and learn about conservation treatment.

Did you know, cotton gloves are not generally recommended when handling paper artifacts. Clean, dry hands are preferred. Gloves are appropriate when handling items that may be affected by skin oils such as photographs or metal objects.

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Preservation Week: Caring for Family Keepsakes

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About the webinar:
This presentation highlights basic archival care for common family treasures such as photo albums, loose photographs, Bibles, clocks, jewelry, and more. Dozens of photos illustrate proper storage practices, and damage resulting from poor storage and common hazards such as silverfish, mold, and acid migration. Discover what to save when you inherit a houseful of “treasures,” how and where to store your keepsakes, and how to set up a home archive so you can easily access items for research and sharing.
The Preservation Team

Jen Hunt Johnson

Special Collections Conservator

Author: Leslie L Morgan

Leslie serves as the Africana Studies and Education Librarian within the Hesburgh Libraries.