Day 4: Preservation Week: Why Conservators hate tape

Here is Thursday’s Preservation Tip of the Day:

Why do conservators hate tape? Pressure-sensitive tapes (like Scotch tape, duct tape, masking tape) have aggressive adhesives and bad aging properties. Chemicals in the tape can stain and degrade paper materials over time, and often tape is stronger than the object it is stuck to, causing damage during removal. Rule of thumb: if you want your object to stand the test of time, talk to a conservator about better options for mending, and hold off on a quick-fix with tape.

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Tomorrow stop by the Preservation Week table in the library concourse from 12-2. Liz and Neil will be onsite to share our work with Preventive Preservation.
The Preservation Team

Jen Hunt Johnson

Special Collections Conservator

Author: Leslie L Morgan

Leslie serves as the Africana Studies and Education Librarian within the Hesburgh Libraries.