Track Tropical Storms and Seismic activity with these sites

Presented By: Nicole Richter, PREP Council Member                                                  Special Libraries Association

Track tropical storms and seismic activity with these sites.

Tropical Activity
Seismic Activity
Plan and participate in an earthquake Shake Out drill.  International ShakeOut Day is October 17 but you can participate any day.
This resource includes videos, flyers, and checklists customized for many organizations and situations.
Plan your evacuation route and learn to shelter in place.
If evacuation is likely, don’t forget to check out the status of road conditions and your accommodation plans and have a back-up plan.
Have a current and deep vendor list. After a disaster is not the time to find out that your vendor contact is no longer valid, a vendor no longer has a contract with your institution, or that the vendor is too busy to help you in your time of need.
Gather and organize your emergency supplies.
Recommendations for specific supplies from The Wirecutter:


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Author: Leslie L Morgan

Leslie serves as the Africana Studies and Education Librarian within the Hesburgh Libraries.