Ashley Klein

Year: First Year (Class of 2022) 
Hometown:  Mission Viejo, CA 
Position: 2MD 
Dorm: Flaherty Hall 
Major: Biochemistry

Water polo, surfing, hanging with pals

Favorite Part of Notre Dame: 
Snow (until it gets annoying)

Favorite Part of ND Water Polo:
My teammates 🙂

Favorite Spot on Notre Dame Campus:
My own bed

Favorite Sport/Sports Team/Athlete:
Anaheim Ducks Hockey

Favorite Type of Music:
Alternative with a touch of 90’s hip hop

Favorite Food:
P.F. Chang’s chicken fried rice

Favorite Movie
Shutter Island (2010)

Favorite Book
1984 by George Orwell

Random Fact:
I have pet chickens (which is not a normal thing in southern California).