Emily Dufner

Year: Senior (Class of 2019)
Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
Position: Goalie
Dorm: Breen-Phillips Hall
Major: Political Science and Spanish

Water polo, swimming, hiking, traveling, talking, and knitting (usually while binge watching Netflix)

Looking Favorite Part of Notre Dame:
Besides the obvious water polo and football seasons, my favorite part of Notre Dame has been meeting new people and making new friends – both on campus and while studying abroad! 

Favorite Memory of ND Water Polo:
My favorite water polo memories are the many sing alongs that were had in the 12-person van as we drove around California on the 2017 Spring Break trip. I know Dawg loved those too!

Favorite Spot on Notre Dame Campus:
When you walk out of the library doors that face North Quad, there’s this view of BP, Stonehenge, the Basilica, and the Dome that I love.

Favorite Sport/Athlete:
Competitive Swimming: Michael Phelps

Favorite Artist:
Bruce Springsteen

Favorite Food:

Favorite Movie:
The Harry Potter Series (2001 – 2011)

Favorite Book: 
The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Random Fact:
For practically my entire life everyone has called me Duf, short for Dufner.  When people learn this for the first time they usually feel bad until I explain that it has nothing to do with the movie The DUFF. Also, I was born in London and used to have a British accent!