Savannah Bedford

Year: Sophomore (Class of 2021)
Hometown: Portland, OR
Dorm: Off Campus 
Major: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Photography! I’m really interested in the slow growth of cities and how that can be photographed. 

Favorite Part of Notre Dame:
Being surrounded by so many kind, brilliant people.

Favorite Part of ND Water Polo:
Water polo is an amazing chance to relax from the stress of school, from daily practices to pre-finals ice cream study breaks.

Favorite Spot on Notre Dame Campus:
Rock wall in Du-Stu

Favorite Athlete:
Mo Farah

Favorite Type of Music:
Hip hop and R&B are really buttering my egg roll right now.

Favorite Food:
Tacos and guac

Favorite Movie:
Easy A (2010)

Favorite Book
Anything that’s written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Random Fact:
I won every high-school level spelling bee in Oregon my freshman year of high school…because no other competitors showed up.