Keenan Revue

Watch the 2018 Revue! 

About Keenan Revue

The Keenan Revue has been a yearly tradition occurring usually in the beginning of February. It is composed of many skits written and performed exclusively by members of Keenan Hall. It draws nearly 4000 people to Stepan Center over the three nights the show is performed. The Keenan Revue is by far the most popular dorm event at Notre Dame. We’re not quite sure how (…or maybe we are), but there seems to be something that continues to draw such a large crowd every year.

Though it is best known for its humorous skits (in which one may find both wit and slapstick comedy in equal measure, no one form of humor being favored above all others), the Keenan Revue also spotlights our Hall’s greatest musical talents, with a respectable number of songs of varied genres being performed by our nigh-legendary musicians. But because many of the people in our audience want something to see… well, we won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s say we generally do not disappoint.

It’s really hard to describe the Keenan Revue without examples–but no single excerpt will ever do the Keenan Revue justice. From the yearly segments like the Revue News to the original skits that crop up every year… there is just so much to see in the Revue. The Keenan Revue is a must-see event, in every sense of the word. You should go at least once, though we’d like to see you there every year.

Being a member of Keenan Hall carries with it numerous advantages. First, it allows you a chance to try out to participate. Any resident may try his skit out in front of our judges, and if yours doesn’t go through I’m told it’s only in rare cases that you’ll get a chair thrown at you.

Also, each Keenan resident gets four tickets to redistribute as as he sees fit.  And free tickets that they don’t have to wait in line for make for some great bargaining tools.

The greater Notre Dame collegiate trifecta has bestowed upon us the responsibility of making fun of them. We of Keenan Hall believe that it is no less than our solemn duty not to let them down. Last year’s show was nothing short of a classic, and this year’s will be as well, long as we all chip in and do our part.

God bless you all, and may He tolerate the Keenan Revue.