Updated KP Poll, Week 2 Results

KP Poll:

FBS Rankings

  1. 2A (2-0)
  2. 3B (2-0)
  3. 4B (1-1)
  4. 3A (1-1)
  5. 2B (0-2)
  6. 4A (0-2)

FCS Rankings

  1. 5A (0-1)

Week 2 Results:

2A beat 4B 7-3 (2A got 6 interceptions, nuf said)

3A beat 2B 7-4 (Eddie Yuan = Scott Frost)

3B beat 4A 7-4 (Playing 4A = Bye Week)

PK beat 5A 7-0 (5A relegated to FCS)


No Section Football this week

Go Irish, Beat RedHawks!

Section Football Week 2 KP Poll

KP Poll:

  1. 4B (1-0)
  2. 3B (1-0)
  3. 2A (1-0)
  4. 3A (0-1)
  5. 2B (0-1)
  6. 5A (0-0)
  7. 4A (0-1)

Week 1 Results:

4B beat 4A 7-3

3B beat 3A 9-7(OT)

2A beat 2B 9-7(OT)

5A bye

Week 2 Schedule:

2A vs. 4B

3A vs. 2B

3B vs. 4A

5A vs. PK

Faux Lee Corso’s Section Football Gameday Headgear picks:


4B over 2A by a field goal

3A over 2B by a safety

3B over 4A by 2 safeties

PK over 5A by 3 safeties and an extra point

2017 Knott Hall Section Football KP Preseason Rankings

2017 Knott Hall Section Football KP Preseason Rankings

  1. 4B
  2. 3B
  3. 2A
  4. 2B
  5. 3A
  6. 4A

Section Football Team Previews:


After coming just short of glory last year, there’s no doubt that 4A is now poised to finally win that elusive championship. Dual-threat quarterback Sean Kelly, now fully recovered from an ACL tear, returns to further elevate 4A’s passing game this season. Prior to his injury, Kelly’s average completion rate was a jaw-dropping 88%. Look out for breakout wide receiver, Robert Onder III, to be a deep threat for 4A this year. Towering at 6’5″, Onder’s size and speed strikes fear into the hearts of opposing defensive backs. There’s no reason to overlook 4A’s rookies either. Redshirt sophomore tight end Conor Nailos looks to make an immediate impact in his first career start this week along with redshirt freshman wideout Al LaForest. With so much depth and athletic prowess, expect this talented group to make a statement this Friday.

With a deep bench and loads of experience, 4A is ready to compete this year. 4A has loads of upperclassmen who have been called All-Hall Wide Receivers and Defenders. In addition, the freshmen placed in 4A are ready to play and win right away. Rumor even has it that Lonzo Ball lives here. Led by resident RA as coach, Nathan, the coaching staff is already better than Brian Kelly. Looks to be a good year in the top of Knott.


If you look at the roster for interhall football, you see that a large chunk of those beefy/speedy boys hail from the section of 4B. With DJ Demetri and Kevin Bailey at the forefront, and our General Manager Nick Marr calling the shots, I think 4B could be looking at a very successful season of section football.

DJ Dodig Beefy Pat Chris nowicki Chris Brendan jubulis Boylan Oddo Bailey Joey brennan Nuff said

Speed, Height, Numbers



Coming off an undefeated championship season last year, 3A has only a few returning starters, among those are Tight-End Tianyi “Liam can’t see ’em” Li, and Safety Andrew “Money” Hicks. Many have moved off campus, but the biggest (or should I say tallest) loss was Connor Sloan, a big time 6’6″ receiver, who decided to take his talents to 2A this season. To make up for the empty roster, 3A signed many athletic freshman, including a Soccer Practice Squad member and multiple highly ranked high school athletes. They also acquired starter Matt Harris from 2A to bulk up the lineup. Section 3A’s new lineup may be new, but the results will stay old – undefeated.

Lee Corso always picks 3A on Section Gameday


The only one who can play is Kenny McAvoy.

Your 2017 fall section football champion

Just give up now.

It’s a mindset.


Electrifying speed. Tenacious defense. Superior instincts. Those would be some great characteristics for a football team to have. In 2A, we just have a ragtag group of guys who like to have fun chucking the ole pigskin around the yard. It’s a grand old time when one guy who lives here delivers a not very accurate loose spiral to another guy who lives here. That’s what makes us great.

2A is clearly the heavy favorites to win this year’s championship. Let me give you 3 well thought out, descriptive reasons why. 1. We have like a ton of fencers. Like way above the average amount of fencers per capita on each hall. So we have that going for us. 2. 2A has easily the shortest distance to the exits giving us at least a 4 second head start to each game. 3. Finally, 2A has every past and current president in the dorm. Abraham Lincoln was once president of the United States, and I heard he was tall. So that means we’re good at football.

Led by the the youthful arm of redshirt sophomore Joey Gambetta, the men of 2A will be an aerial threat to every team they play this year. With height unmatched by any section, their goal line O will be close to unstoppable. On the defensive side, 2A is led by transfer Tim Papiernik. Tim is coming off a remarkable rookie season and it is doubtful that offenses throw anywhere near Papiernik Island. The inexperienced freshmen still remain a concern, but their returning starters make 2A the preseason favorite to win it all.

2A is ready to play. There’s no way in [Sigfried] we will lose and yes Marcos…this is Joe Gambetta.


We’re better than you, and we know it

Two syllable summary: Jin. Kim.

The GOAT. Also elite.
Who says exceptionally average looking men cannot play football? Well, you’re probably not wrong. We haven’t made eye contact with a female, we haven’t been in a weight room, and previous QB Seamus is in another section. However, we have the most Knott athletes in our section who have spent 7 minutes analyzing playbooks and depth charts to help us sports. Best section team chemistry with a significant amount of returning payers. M. A. Feeley’s (BBA in Finance ’20) is in Navy ROTC. Lawson Tyrone videos the football team so we have a football player. We like sports. Bills Mafia.