Updated KP Poll, Week 3 Results

KP Poll:

FBS Rankings

  1. 2A (3-0)
  2. 3B (3-0)
  3. 3A (2-1)
  4. 4B (1-2)
  5. 2B (0-3)
  6. 4A (0-3)
  7. 5A (0-2)
  8. Michigan (4-1)

Week 3 Results:

2A beat 4A 7-2

4A still better than USMNT

3A beat 4B 7-4

Winning effort led by 5-star recruit Andrew Fuller (A.K.A The Machine)

3B beat 2B 6-4

Do you like jazz?

Fr. Jim beat 5A 7-0

Matthew 5:7

Michigan lost so we all won!

Week 3 Schedule and Picks

Week 3 Schedule:

2A vs. 4A

3A vs. 4B

3B vs. 2B

5A vs. Fr. Jim

Faux Lee Corso’s Section Football Gameday Headgear picks:

Here come the upsets

4A over 2A

3A over 4B

3B over 2B

Fr. Jim over 5A

Go Irish! Beat Tar Heels!