Food Sales

After undergoing a major renovation in 2016, Knott Hall was blessed with a brand new food salesroom. This motivated many residents to start their own unique food businesses. By the end of the school year, foodsales became a Knott Hall staple and now there is a different foodsale everyday of the week.


Jersey Boys Breakfast – Sunday Mornings

Treat yourself on Sunday mornings with an authentic Pork Roll (or Taylor Ham) breakfast sandwich!

TGIM – Monday Nights

You will be praising the Lord come Monday when you try one of TGIM’s gourmet grilled cheeses.

Knotty Knoodles – Friday Nights

People from all over campus, and quite possibly all over the world, come to get a taste of these delicious noodles.

Pizza Bagels – Thursday Nights

There’s no better way to end you Saturday than with some homemade pizza bagels!


More Food Sales???

Do you live in Knott? Do you have a great idea for a Food Sale? Speak to our Kitchen Czar Joe Gambetta to open up your very own Food Sale!