Welcome to the Family! Congratulations on being one of the lucky first-year students to be placed in Marion Burk Knott Hall. We are happy to have you join our beloved home and family. ┬áHere you’ll find great brothers and mentors in the upper classmen as well as lifelong friends in each other.

Check out a special welcome video some of our residents prepared just for you:


Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend is where it all becomes real. You move-in to your dorm, say goodbye to your parents, and get ready for your first day of classes at a Notre Dame student. It is an emotional time and it will also be the weekend where you are immersed into the Knott Hall Community. Knott Hall has a great Welcome Weekend staff made up of current residents and they are ready to welcome you to your new home. For information and logistics about Welcome Weekend click here.

Welcome Weekend 2016