The Knott Family

Relationship Goals: Henry J. Knott and Marion Burk Knott

Henry J Knott, Sr. met Marion Isabel Burk in Baltimore in the early 1900s. They got married in 1928 while Henry was taking classes at Loyola College and Marion was living with and nannying for family in Baltimore. Together they had 13 children! (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they were devout Catholics) Unfortunately, one of their children died at an early age after a battle with cancer. Before this tragedy befell the Knott family, Henry had been building a development empire in Baltimore. He made his fortune as a visionary developer and fabricator in the city of Baltimore. Henry felt a profound duty to reinvest in the community that had allowed him to thrive. He and Marion answered almost every call for support that came from the city. From small personal loans (which often went uncollected) to million dollar donations to education and religious resources that served the city, Henry and Marion made a significant impact on the development of Baltimore through more than the family’s business ventures. They created the The Knott Foundation to coordinate their philanthropic efforts in 1977. Following Henry’s death in 1995, the Foundation has been run by his many heirs. The board of the Knott Foundation to this day is composed entirely of multi-generational descendants of Henry and Marion, and they continue the service of giving back to the city of Baltimore and Catholic institutions around the nation.

Knott Hall

Flanner Hall

Established in 1988 as a women’s dorm funded by the Knott family and named after the one and only Marion Burk Knott, the dorm entered its infancy. These women were known as the Knott Hall Angel. In 1997, Flanner Hall (A legendary 11-story men’s dorm built in 1969) was to be converted to an office building, forcing the students to be relocated. Legend has it that all of the handsome, athletic, humorous and pleasant men where moved to Knott Hall; and all others were sent to Siegfried Hall – fueling an eternal rivalry. What happened to the women you ask? They were shipped across the entirety of campus to a brand-new dorm and became the McGlinn Shamrocks. Brother Jerome was anointed the first Rector of Knott Hall and the traditions began forming quickly. Over the next twenty years, the Juggerknotts earned a reputation of being gentleman of the utmost class and respect. In May 2014, Brother Jerome retired from his position as the rector of Knott Hall, marking the end of a legendary seventeen year tenure. The lounge on the first floor is dedicated in his name. In August 2014, Patrick Kincaid took over as the second rector of the

The Juggerknott-Knott Hall’s Official Mascot

dorm, ushering in a new era of Knottiness. We continue to make our presence known on campus by serving the community with events such as the Aiden Project (Making blankets for kids with Cancer), hosting campus events such as last year’s Splash Bash (Food, inflatables, and water slides), and chanting our Knott pride at the Pep Rally. Our community also thrives within the dorm as we have dorm movie watches (Last year we went through the whole Harry Potter and Star Wars series) and a variety of Food Sales (A different one every day!). Overall Knott Hall has a great history and we hope to keep adding to it this year!

Trophy Room

1999 – All-Interhall Sports Champions

1999 – Most Improved Hall

2007 – Hall of the Fall

2008 – Hall of the Year

2013 – Men’s Hall of the Year

2014 – Fischer Regatta Champions

2015 – Hall Unity Award

2016 – Wing Eating Champion

2017 – Wing Eating Champion

2018 – Wing Eating Champion

Bonus Facts

You deserve a treat for making it this far down the page

  • In honor of the late great president of Notre Dame Father Ted Hesburgh, every year Knott hosts the “To Enjoy the Occasional Cigar ” fundraiser in which cigars are sold for $10 in front of Hesburgh Library. Last year funds went to Diocese of Santiago de Cuba.

    Some JuggerKnotts pictured in Fr. Hesburgh’s office after hosting the “To enjoy an occasional cigar” fundraiser
  • Knott Hall has a big portrait of Marion Burk Knott proundly hung in one of its lounges. Juggerknotts take the portrait to various dorm events.

    Portrait of Marion Burk Knott