“7 Things You Should Know About” Learning Technology

The folks at Educause do a great job summarizing the essentials that faculty need to know about new tools as they come out.  They have a series of articles that cover a wide range of topics.  Each article seeks to answer these questions:

What is it?

How does it work?

Who’s doing it?

Why is it significant?

What are the downsides?  (I love the fact that they include this.)

Where is it going? (Sometimes they get it right; sometimes they get it wrong.)

What are the implications for higher education?  (See above.)

If you’re a faculty member here at Notre Dame, and you have heard about 3D printing, or flipped classrooms, or open textbooks and you want more information, take a look at the resources offered by Educause Learning Initiative:


If you want to use any of those tools in your curriculum, contact the folks at the Kaneb Center, or the OIT’s Academic Technologies group, and of course the Learning Spaces group, too.


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