Commissioners are hall leaders who are responsible for planning events and engaging the Lyons community. If you have any ideas for Lyons Hall, please reach out to our commissioners

Senate Representative: Cassie Anzalone
SUB Representative: Marcella Gonzalez
Communication Executive: Fabi Shipley
Secretary: Sammy Steigerwald
Stall Notes: Charlotte Langbo and Emily Mears
Social Media: Rachel Becker and Maggie Dransfeld
Outreach Executive: Cara Fitzpatrick
Social Concerns: Emma Hussey
Multicultural: Kenzie Isaac
Sustainability: Brielle Jaglowski
Spirit Executive: Jenna Morgan
Apparel: Meagan Bens and Summit Byrne
Big/Little: Kaisha Age and Abby Eifert
Pride: Abby Schlehuber
Signature Events: Katie Brown, Katie McGuckin, and Caroline Reidy
Social Executive: Bridget O’Reilly
Brother/Sister Hall: Ari Garcia
Dance: Taylor Buck and Moira Hillsman
Hospitality: Megan Pertile
Wellness Executive: Eliza Harris
Academic: Ciara Hopkinson
Spiritual: Noel FioRito
Fitness: Christine Arcoleo