The Lair

The main communal gathering space in Lyons located on the first floor. This is a 24-hour space, so members of the opposite gender are allowed in this area at all hours of the day. The Lair is home to one of the 5 kitchens in Lyons. It is fully stocked with cooking utensils and equipment.

The Den

Another, smaller 24-hour space located on the first floor. The Den is home to a massage chair and a TV.


Every floor has a lounge which includes study tables, couches / chairs, and a full kitchen. Each kitchen contains a fridge, microwave, stove, oven, and select cooking supplies to help our Lyons ladies put their chef mastery to use! The second floor lounge houses our hall printer.


Lyons, like all other residence halls, is fortunate enough to have its very own chapel – All Souls’ Chapel, located in the Lyons basement. This newly renovated space gives Lyonites, as well as any other member of the Notre Dame community, an opportunity to come together as a community of faith. Everyone is welcome in our chapel for our two weekly masses (See the Mass Schedule). Our Wednesday mass even includes cookies at the end of the service… who doesn’t love spirituality mixed with sweets?!



Lyons has its own small gym in the basement, which includes 2 treadmills, an elliptical, exercise bike, and weights. To help get you through your workouts, a TV is also available! Lyons is also fortunate enough to have a sand volleyball court right outside our dorm, which is perfect for the warmer school days. If you are looking for something bigger, the Rockne Memorial (“The Rock”) has a variety of equipment and is conveniently located right next door! However, if you are up for a hike, Rolfs Gym offers an even larger selection of workout equipment as well as classes.


Located in the basement, the Lyons laundry room provides our residents with 6 washers and 8 dryers. Each resident can pay with Domer Dollars or coins to complete each laundry cycle! If doing your own laundry does not interest you, St. Michael’s provides services to make laundry as simple as possible. More information can be found here:


Each floor of Lyons has 2 communal bathrooms. Bathrooms include 2-3 showers, stalls, and a sink. Shelves are provided for our residents to store shower caddies and other bathroom necessities.