Dorm Rooms

Every room in Lyons is different, giving Lyons special charm. Each Lyons resident will be provided a:

  1. Bed (with a mattress, ladder, and extra bed frames; can be configured as a loft, bunk beds, or bed elevated to any height)

  2. Wardrobe

  3. Dresser (with three pull-out drawers)

  4. Desk

  5. Desk Chair

    Every room also has a sink.

    Lyons has singles, doubles, triples, and quads available. First year residents will be placed in either a double or a quad.


2 residents will share one room. Most often, beds are bunked or lofted to give residents as much room as possible.


A quad consists of 3 rooms: a common room (usually a place for futons, etc.) and two side rooms (usually each of the side rooms has two beds). These rooms will be shared by 4 residents. Most often, beds are lofted with desks and dressers underneath or beds are bunked and elevated with dressers underneath.

elevated bunk

common room