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A Different Kind of Bucket List

The US is such an expansive country. After developing a bit of wanderlust from my 2018 road trip, I figured I should document my experiences in this land of red, white, and blue by state. I’ve travelled a decent amount, but there’s still so much more to see! I think it’s trivial to just cross off a state because I was physically in it; I want to cultivate some form of memory in each one!

File:Map of USA with state names.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Map of the US as of 2020

Since I’m too lazy to type out all the 50 States, I took the following heads from a list online. An added bonus is you can click on each one to give you basic information about each state, courtesy of!



*Still have yet to visit!

*Still have to visit! Hopefully I can visit when the infamous mosquitos aren’t terrible.


I only know of Arizona from my trip to the Grand Canyon national park. Gorgeous (and very dangerous!) place. There are parts where you can just fall off of cliffs to your deaths. I want to return and try some of their hiking trails; we only went to certain visitor sites. Want to visit cities like Pheonix as well.

*Still have yet to visit!


*Still have yet to visit!

Being close to NY, this is another state I’ve visited a lot, though not as often as NJ. There was a shopping mall that I would often go to with my family here.



When I was younger, we would travel here for vacation frequently. We’ve flown here, drove here, and taken the train here. Most of my memories are from visiting Orlando. I also visited Everglades National Park. The crocodiles there are scary…

I visited Georgia Tech as a prospective graduate student, in Atlanta. Otherwise, I’ve only travelled through here. From what I saw, Atlanta is a pretty nice city. The Georgia Tech campus was really nice too. I think South Bend International has flights directly to Atlanta; definitely a place to visit again!


I went to vacation here once. Extremely pretty state. (And really, really time consuming to get to). I particularly remember ziplining here, and having a nice conversation with one of the tour guides. I remember he was an anthropology major, and said that if he could go back in time, he would visit the Library of Alexandria. Funny, one of the first things that came to my mind was that conversation, not the glorious hiking views or tropical beauty (even though I enjoyed them too!)



I have relatives here in the Greater Chicago area, so I would visit them periodically with my family. I remember taking the long drive from NY to IL somewhat often. Now that I’m in the area, I’ll probably be visiting Chicago more often. And other parts of the state too!


I’m currently doing my graduate studies at the University of Notre Dame (hence the host of this website!). So this state will be etched pretty deep in my memories. There’s still a lot more to be made (as of 2020)!









Perhaps one of the saving graces of being close to the Michigan border (sorry Indiana, but Michigan tops you as far as outdoor activities go). This was a pleasant surprise when I first came to the Michiana area; all I knew about Michigan was the decaying Detroit and troubled Flint. After discovering the beauty of its sand dunes (Warren Dunes and especially Silver Lake) I fell in love with the area. Can’t wait to visit the Upper Peninsula and top of the Mitten; apparently one of the clearest freshwater lakes (Torch Lake and its neighboring lakes) is in Michigan.


This was one of the stops on my 2018 road trip back from Oregon. Get this; my main memory is…the SPAM Museum. A museum for canned “meat” that could be eaten cold or hot. I used to eat a decent amount when I was younger; apparently it’s eaten often in the Phillippines, where my parents are from.


*Still have yet to visit!




New Hampshire

New Jersey
Another state I have a decent amount of memories in. I have relatives that live close to the border of NJ-NY (on the NJ side obviously) that I’ve visited for many years. I’ve also gone to Newark International Airport a fair amount of times.

New Mexico
*Still have yet to visit!

New York
Born in raised in New York! Did my education up to undergrad here. The memories are, obviously, too numerous to count in this state. I’ve spent most of my time in my home town in the Greater NYC Area, and in the Capital Region (where SUNY Poly, my undergrad, was).

North Carolina
Way back in my high school years, I visited the Outer Banks with my friends; one of their parents had rented out (or owned?) a house there. The beaches were very nice, and I remember either boogie boarding or body surfacing on those waves. We played a lot of ping-pong there too. One oddly specific detail I also remember was that Food Lion was the local supermarket (indeed, that chain is HQ’d in NC).

North Dakota


*Still have yet to visit!



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia