Feb 06

About Events the Career Center Hosts

It’s a new semester and the Career Center has been sending you several emails. So, what do they mean?

From working in the Career Center (and writing some of these emails), we have a backstage look at the contents! Before working in the Career Center, many of the terms were unfamiliar but after writing about, attending, and planning some of the events mentioned, we have a much better understanding and hope to shed a bit of light on them for you! Here’s a brief breakdown of the types of events:Sept. 8, 2011; Career fair..Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame

  • Preparation Workshops: These events are to help students get ready for whatever is on the horizon. Before every Career Fair, counselors host lecture-style events to help students prepare for the career fair, write their first resume or cover letter, and thrive in an interview. Open to everyone, these events start with a presentation of the basic information and then invite the audience to ask specific questions.

  • Industry Specific Events: These events are excellent opportunities to start networking with people in specific industries and get more information about an industry you are exploring. You can find information about these events in the weekly Career Center emails and also posted on Go-Irish. Employers attend these events to talk too!

  • Information Sessions: If you are interested in a specific company, then you should definitely attend that company’s information session. An information session is usually a short presentation by a company about what they do, who they are, how to apply, and then time for interested students to ask questions. To find information sessions, look in the weekly Career Center email to students and on GoIrish under Events/Information Sessions.

  • Special events: From panel discussions to competitions to career treks to learn more about different jobs, these are cool events that give you an opportunity to learn more about specific companies or industries in a non-traditional manner. You can find more information about these events in the weekly email, the Career Center’s website and on posters around campus.

We have mentioned the weekly Career Center emails and the emails about specific industries in this blog. You control whether or not you receive these so, if you want to opt in, make sure that on your profile on GoIrish you have allowed emails to be sent and that you have identified an industry preference if you already have an area of interest.

We hope to see you at the next event!

TCC Interns