Apr 03

About the Career Center/FTT Department Film and Television Career Trek Reflection


LA Trek Group with Darren Seidel, SVP, International Finance, Warner Brothers, Home Entertainment Group and ND MBA ’92

To mix things up a bit, we have a guest author for this blog post! Blake Avery, a senior majoring in Film Production and Gender Studies, attended the Career Center/FTT Department Film and Television Career Trek in Los Angeles during Spring Break. This is one of the eight treks offered by the Career Center during Spring Break designed to be career exploration programs that allow students to gain insight into career fields of interest by shadowing professionals, observing day-to-day operations, and discussing specific jobs and careers in the field.

Here are his thoughts about how the Trek impacted his career planning and decisions:

The 2014 Spring Break Film and Television Career Trek was without a doubt one of the single most important opportunities I have received throughout my time as a film student at Notre Dame. The chance to meet, network and learn from working alumni in the industry is once in a lifetime.

The trek has provided me with an extremely strong contact base upon which I can grow and continue to nurture after graduation. I now feel confident that I can make a successful transition to the industry in Los Angeles with all the knowledge and experience gained from this externship.

Getting to know the industrial pathways various alumni have taken to get where they are has afforded me a compass by which to direct my plans after graduation. The trek helped me focus upon the sector of the industry that I wish to enter by exposing me to the daily routines of many different positions. In addition, the ability to actually speak with a wide array of diverse professionals during the externship has helped me to cultivate the essential networking skills required to obtain new opportunities and valuable connections.

With my time at Notre Dame coming to a close, this experience has vastly improved my future career prospects for the better – I can’t express how vital the career trek was to my post-graduation plans.

If I had a friend considering the trek next year, I would tell them that this once in a lifetime opportunity has changed the entire landscape of my future career plans, and without it the success of transitioning into the Los Angeles film industry would be near impossible.

Thanks, Blake! Good luck in the industry!

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