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Apr 23

Some Tips about Interviewing

While working in the Interview Center, some of our interns have gleaned some helpful hints about things that make a difference in the interview but that students may not initially consider. First, avoid expressing limitations or reluctance. Never tell an employer that you will not develop a skill. An interview is an opportunity to promote …

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Apr 03

About the Career Center/FTT Department Film and Television Career Trek Reflection

To mix things up a bit, we have a guest author for this blog post! Blake Avery, a senior majoring in Film Production and Gender Studies, attended the Career Center/FTT Department Film and Television Career Trek in Los Angeles during Spring Break. This is one of the eight treks offered by the Career Center during Spring Break …

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Mar 27

How to Fund My Dream!

One of the most important milestones for a student’s career development process is securing an internship! For those lucky Juniors and very lucky Sophomores and First Years, summer internships are excellent opportunities to learn about and get a taste of the post-college working world. Sometimes, though, the costs associated with an internship can be substantial. …

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Feb 19

How to Small Talk

 Small talk. You may like it. You may hate it. But either way, you’ll most likely need to do it at some point in your career search. That being said, you might as well master the art.   It can seem daunting to start a conversation with a stranger. Connecting with someone your age at …

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Feb 06

About Events the Career Center Hosts

It’s a new semester and the Career Center has been sending you several emails. So, what do they mean? From working in the Career Center (and writing some of these emails), we have a backstage look at the contents! Before working in the Career Center, many of the terms were unfamiliar but after writing about, …

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Dec 30

What To Do During Winter Break

When all of the craziness of the semester wraps up, it’s time to relax! Enjoy spending time with family and friends, sleeping in your cozy bed with sweet dreams of dancing sugar plum fairies, and celebrating the holidays!  You’ve earned the break!   But when you become a permanent fixture of the couch and the …

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Dec 05

About the Resources the Career Center Offers

Christmas decorations are up, home games are over, and the library is seeing more traffic. This can only mean one thing: the semester is almost over. If you’re a senior with a job, a junior with an internship, or a sophomore with a leadership program, you can embrace the end of the semester without stressing …

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Nov 25

About the Objective, Relevant Coursework and Interests Sections on the Resume

As a professional resume-reviewer (getting paid to do something automatically makes someone a professional so I suppose I am also a professional lawn-mower and a professional dog-walker), I have seen a wide variety of resumes – from those of seniors who are searching for a full time job to blank sheets of freshmen who are …

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Nov 12

About Informational Interviewing

Now that you’ve got a sparkling new resume thanks to our last blog post (and hopefully a visit or two to the Career Center – people say we are actually really helpful and we love to chat about your life so you should definitely come visit!), it’s time for the admittedly scarier part of the …

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Nov 01

About Resumes

It’s one sheet of paper but also a piece of art intended to get the creator an interview.  We’re talking about the resume. The primary purpose of a resume is to start the conversation, and give a first impression that will lead to an offer for an interview. Thus, this document balances the career mission …

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