Sacred Music Festival of Quito


Notre Dame Vocale in March 2013 at the Quito Sacred Music Festival:

Anna Cooper and Halle McGuire, sopranos; Jeffery Cooper, tenor and organ; Michael Accurso, bass-baritone.

Carmen-Helena Tellez, artistic director and conductor.

Quito ND Vocale

Other photos of the Festival, in performances with the Chorus of City of Quito, prepared by Sergei Pavlov, below:

Quito Cathedral 5

Quito Cathedral 4

Quito Cathedral 3

 Quito Museo 5 Quito museo practice 4     Quito Cathedral 2 Quito Cathedral 1 Quito Museo practice 2 Quito Museo 4 Quito Practice Museo  Quito Museo 1 Quito Museo 2