Blended-learning1As part of the ODL MOOC assignment I have started a second MOOC (as has Sonia). This one is on blended learning and is offered through Canvas. While I find the Canvas platform less easy to navigate in comparison to Coursera or EdX, the material for this course looks promising. By the end of 5 weeks, I hope to have some of my questions about blended learning answered and perhaps even a blended course outlined.

This week was an introduction to the subject, so I thought I would share some of the main insights and questions I had after week 1.


Some of the main points that I took away were:

  1. Designing a blended requires a mix of planning and flexibility.
  2. What will be online and what will be in class needs to be predetermined.
  3. Class goals need to be clearly articulated and assignments should build from here.

Some of the questions that arose were:

  1. When designing a course should one lean more toward a set plan or flexibility? What is the ratio?
  2. The reading also used the term “properly implemented” in order to create a successful blended learning course. But what does this term really mean?
  3. Also mentioned is that blended learning requires more effort to create a good classroom experience. But how are faculty compensated for this time? Should these types of courses count more in tenure review? How can we encourage faculty to do more, if there is no obvious compensation?