Conference Venue

Notre Dame Global Gateway

The Notre Dame London Global Gateway is housed in the Marian Kennedy Fischer Hall, an imposing 19,000-square-foot building on the northwest corner of Trafalgar Square.  The facility has served as Notre Dame’s London base of operations since 1998.  Built as a University Club for Oxford and Cambridge graduates, Fischer Hall now hosts Notre Dame’s London-based programs and classes, as well as events such as conferences, book launches, lecture series, and recitals.

Fischer Hall, in addition to its proximity to St. James’s Park, is close to Waterloo Gardens, Embankment Gardens, and the River Thames.  It is near many of London’s leading universities, including King’s College London, the London school of Economics, and University College London.
1 Suffolk St, London SW1Y 4HG, UK
+44 20 7484 7800