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Welcome to the home page for the Psychological and Educational Measurement Lab!

Our lab is interested in measurement issues in psychological and educational testing. We specialize in item response theory and its applications to large-scale testing programs. Specific topics of interest include measurement invariance, test/item bias, computerized adaptive testing, cognitive diagnosis, and classification accuracy and consistency. In addition to developing new methodologies, we are very interested in applying advanced statistical methods to substantive areas, such as health outcome research. Our members are associated with the American Educational Research Association, the International Association of Computerized Adaptive Testing, the Psychometric Society, and the National Council of Measurement in Education.


August 2017 – Congratulations Brendan Whitney for continuing his education at the University of Iowa!

June 2017 – Welcome Melissa Henry and Isabella Speedon as our new NSF REU students!

August 2016 – Maxwell Hong and Daniella Reboucas have officially joined the PEM lab as our new graduate students!

Contact Us!

If you are interested in joining the Psychological and Educational Measurement Lab, or would like more information about our research, contact Mr. Brendan M. Whitney at bwhitney@nd.edu, or Dr. Ying Cheng at ycheng4@nd.edu.