Memorial Hospital of South Bend Emergency Room

(574) 647-1000

615 North Michigan Street

South Bend, Indiana 46601

Overview: What services does the Memorial Hospital ER provide?

The Emergency Room at Memorial Hospital is a valuable resource for patients and physicians alike. This department offers medical treatment for traumatic injuries or severe, acute viral or bacterial infections, in addition to many other medical conditions. In short, the Emergency Room should be utilized for emergencies only and should not be used as a primary point of access for non-emergency healthcare services.

Why shouldn’t I use the Emergency Room for regular doctor visits?

There are many reasons why the Emergency Room at Memorial Hospital should only be utilized for emergency purposes. The foremost reason? Cost. Emergency medicine is not cheap. Using the ER for non-emergencies consumes valuable human and financial resources, causing problems for the hospital, caregivers, and patients.

Further, ER physicians are generally not trained as primary care physicians, and cannot offer you a continuity of care that your specific medical condition may require.  For example, if you are presenting symptoms of a chronic condition, the ER would only be able to offer you a one-time solution to your ailment, whereas a primary care physician would be able to prescribe and oversee the administration of long-term treatment.

If I don’t have an emergency, where should I seek treatment?

If you are in need of medical attention but your condition is not an emergency, many other community health outlets are available to help. Other health resources include the Indiana Health Centers, Memorial Neighborhood Health Centers, and the Sister Maura Brannick Health Center. These health centers offer excellent care for those in need. You can access the information for these centers by clicking on the “South Bend Resources” tab above.